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EGov Conference March 2003
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A dictionary just defines terms but doesn’t specify any explicit relationship or structure among them.  Becomes co-opted into jargon by IT, AI and Web researchers: - because to computers, what  From Philosophy – “A theory of the types of things that exist”  Next, to represent a conceptualization, representation languages are needed  Ontology, a conceptualization, i.e., ontology defines entities and relationships among them  Ontology, as document or file that formally defines the relations among terms  Ontology, background and definition  Ontology, taxonomy (hierarchical relations) plus inference  There are many ontology-like uses of agreed or structured terms or concepts in the world such as shared or standard vocabularies, and taxonomies. What are the relationships between these varies things?  There are many varying definitions of Ontology. In terms of how the word has come into common usage w.r.t. information and knowledge systems, the basic story goes like this:  This leads to the need for standards, tools, and so on … into the big bang of the universe of ontology work  “ontology is the specification of a conceptualization”  exists is what is represented A useful definition evolves: