Michel Biezunski

Michel Biezunski is an internationally recognized expert in the field of information management. He has invented and promoted new ways of finding information, accelerating access to information which is really needed, and helping organize vast corpora of information assets. His working experience covers various domains, including the publishing, finance, healthcare, and media industries, and governmental agencies.

Michel's focus is in the area of XML/SGML Applications, Topic Maps, navigation models within complex information sets, and hyperlink-based models. He participated in the development of the HyTime standard, and is recognized as the inventor of the Topic Maps standards, together with Steven R. Newcomb. He has written many articles and developed and conducted numerous workshops (often in collaboration with Steve Newcomb) centered on these new technologies.

Michel's consulting work consists of strategic consulting, as well as helping information owners to enhance their information systems by adding semantic navigation for facilitating access to the items of interest. Michel has developed a technology used to build prototypes and publishing products, and works with technology companies to help implement working systems customized for variable environments.

Michel does business under the name Infoloom.